You Know You’re Doing Something Right When You Piss Off the ADL

Well the “Absolute Defecation League” (anti-defamation league) (ADL) never rest, so nor should we, in the fight to show these cretins what they really are.  These low lives are nothing more nor less than name calling cowards.  As soon as anybody has anything to say about Jews, Israel or even the ADL itself, you’re labeled Anti-Semitic, a hater, a racist and god knows what else.  These people really are that pathetic.

In any case, Poker Face must be doing something right, because the ADL are doing there darnedest (and failing miserably I might add) to bring down the bands good name.  Instead however, it’s working as no less than free advertising.

From the absolute defecation league:

Poker Face, an anti-government, anti-immigrant “Patriot” rock band based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, posted a press release to their Web site, questioning the government’s motives in arresting members of the Hutaree Militia, an anti-government extremist group.  The Hutaree Militia allegedly planned to carry out violent acts against law enforcement in order to spark a larger confrontation with the government. Hutaree had used one of Poker Face’s songs in a training video on their Web site, and posted a link to the rock band.”

If Poker Face got a dime for every time the ADL lied about them in this article, they’d be forced to let the ADL know, that they would have been better off buying one of their CD’s.  For the ADL, I would recommend Made in America, because unlike the ADL, having been “made in Israhell” Poker Face is American made!

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