Homosexual Promotion at an All Time High

Homosexuality is not only on the rise in the likes we have never seen before, (you have to ask yourself why it become so rampant, so quickly) but it’s also being promoted more than ever.

From The White Voice:

“Recall that back in May of 2014 there was a huge deal about the Black homosexual (with his White boyfriend) player Sam being drafted to the NFL to be the first “openly gay player” in the macho league. This was a big deal, because, you know, taking another man’s penis in your rectum immediately qualifies you to play on the grid iron.”

There is nothing natural about homosexuality and if there was, then we would have all been born that way and there would be no such thing as humankind.  People can pretty it all up as much as they like, but deep down inside they know the truth.  They just simply do not admit it to themselves, because of their communist, Kumbaya indoctrinations.


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