Aboriginal Crime in Australia

Something that is continuously ignored by the Australian government, is that of the same things ignored in the United States, England, Ireland, Scotland etc…  Black on white crime.  Instead we will just report on the white and black crime, whilst we ignore other things going on in the background, such as Israel slaughtering innocent Palestinians.

From Australian News Commentary:

While the judges and do-gooders protect Aboriginal criminals (mainly males) from justice, they help perpetuate violence against Aboriginal women and children

This seems indicative of white western countries all over the globe, yet nobody wants to talk about it, outside of a select few such as myself and those over at the Daily Slave, or Mami’s Shit websites.  I believe that people work on the basis that, “it isn’t happening to me, so it isn’t happening”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Go and live in vegemite valley in Albury, or certain parts of Alice Spring’s and then come back and tell us here that it isn’t happening.  Take a stroll down certain streets and into certain suburbs in Sydney and tell me it’s all OK.

I think it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee and deal with the ongoing problem at hand, without the fear of being called “racist” by people that have nothing else to say.


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