Graduate Frederick Anderson stands in the pouring rain as President Barack Obama acknowledges him during his Morehouse College 129th Commencement ceremony address Sunday, May 19, 2013, in Atlanta. After a difficult childhood Shelton graduating Phi Beta Kappa and is on his way to Harvard Law School. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Dinosaur News w/ John Beattie & Shaun Surplus 2017-02-22

On this edition of Dinosaur News, Beattie Boy and Surplus speak about:

  • Blacks demand free tuition in Wisconsin
  • Islamaphobia laws coming to Canada
  • The conservative party riding the coattails of Donald Trump
  • Muslim students walk out of Aussie school whilst anthem is sung
  • Islamic children refuse to shake hands with lady teacher

And much more…


Breaks played on:  Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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A Response To Joe Not To Be Ignored

Whilst I keep most of the drama over there in the Drama Corner, occasionally I like to make it known on the main page…

Joe Sigur and I were in a small debate about things when it comes to Abbos and such.  And this is one of the responses I had for what he had to say about the subject.

I would normally leave this type of shit in the Drama Corner but many of the points made need to be heard…




Fucking (B)rothschilds Wars Ruining Peoples Lives

I am a strong warrior for our fight Ladies and Gentlemen, but even I am human and every time I see one of these videos, I shed a tear.

Our men and women have been used, abused and spat out the other side by the jew fucks that think that we are lambs to the slaughter.  I am all for fighting a war, but not just so somebody can profit from our deaths and that is EXACTLY what these jews are using us for.  Death for profit.

We have one time on this earth and we are sent to the slaughter house for some kike cunt to make money.

  • 1849: Gutele Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife dies. Before her death she would state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

No more!

Young children missing out on their mothers and fathers because of kikes.

Young children missing out on their sisters and brothers because of kikes.

Parents sending their children to be shot in the face because of kikes.

Parents watching their children suffer after being attacked by Israel.

Young children missing out on their families, so some (B)rothschild, Morgan, Zuckerberg, Friedman, Spectre, Spielberg, fucking piece of filth can profit from our deaths.

We are used as sacrifice.  We are lambs to the slaughter…



Episode II of Jacko’s Lantern w/ Jacko 2017-20-17

On this edition of Jacko’s Lantern:

  • Uniforms may offend some students so servicemen should not drop off their kids at school
  • Drones and how they can be used to shut down segments of society at any time
  • Securing your property digital or otherwise as a hypothetical revolutionary
  • The super class index and how it can be used against the hypothetical enemy

And much more…