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So Many Emails For TCTA All of a Sudden

How quaint it seems, that all of a sudden the emails are coming in for the return of TCTA.  Since it’s been a while that I did a broadcast, (besides with Bob) people seem to think they “deserve” something.  Why?  Because you’re not getting your TCTA fix?  Well, perhaps that’s what happens when we weren’t getting the support when we needed it most.  No, instead we had a bunch of pussies, even too scared to use the comments section.  Sure, we got the emails in great numbers, but the comments section was almost empty.  A bunch of pussies.  And for those of you that are thinking “I don’t want to be tracked and traced”, fuck you too.  You’re a weakling at best and if you think you ain’t already being tracked and traced you’re a fucking idiot.

It’s strange you know, because other networks that promote useless fantasy propaganda and rhetoric get a fuck load of support, but those of us that take the niggers, spics and kikes to task without fear, are just left with the dregs that are too cowardly to do anything for their own families.  Fucking disgusting.

I was soon to be doing a broadcast as I usually would and then doing one with Bob, but you can all fucking get down and start suckin.  Ohhhhhh, did I hurt your poor ‘wittle’ feelings?  Fuckin GOOD!  You deserve it!  You did nothing to keep this network going when it comes to support and when I say support, it has nothing to do with financial support.  I have never asked for a cent.  This all comes out of my own pocket.  To this day, albeit that I do not do live shows very often, it still costs me money to keep the network running.  If I can financially support this, then you could have supported it in other ways.

“I’m too scared of being called racist, even though I know what you are saying is true Shaun”, is getting a bit old.  Grow a pair of testicles and I will consider doing some more broadcasts.


Thank You for your support go to:

  • Petre (He knows who he is and why)
  • Shield Maiden (Our Youtube support and great friend to the network)
  • John Percent
  • Gadsden
  • John Beattie
  • Colin Todd
  • Rob Black
  • South OZ Man
  • Jacko
  • Robert Reyvolt
  • Jew Banker  (Mock nickname of course)
  • JimmyX (1650 AM Buffalo NY)
  • Bob
  • James Lancia
  • Jeanice Barcelo
  • Ches Cain
  • Pauly Topete and Tara Beth

Among others I am sure I have not listed…


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt 2018-01-07

** DISCLAIMER **  Shaun was preoccupied with family and friends during this broadcast, so some notes may not be as articulate as they usually would.

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob speaks about:

  • The jewish left right theater, creating an at your throat, in your face battle to the goy world
  • Clip:  Meeting that took place in Camp David in the middle of Maryland looking interesting
  • The new tax law, that declares war on the Blue States – Assault on cultural mechanations
  • Clip:  The financial civil war going on between the democrats and republicans
  • Many of the dumbed down that have been in the Labour existence for so long don’t know any better  (Shauns Notes:  Almost as the Baby Booming mentality.  I have seen the same thing here on so many occasions…)
  • Clip:  Iran’s former President has been arrested – Hosts computer at stake after attack
  • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion talk about the blood of Zion being the pope of the world
  • When there are traitors within a faith, just because you take them to task, does not mean you are turning your back on the faith itself
  • CIA guy throwing jews under the bus – Wading through the people with their megaphones
  • Protocol 5:

FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE “GOYIM” OF ALL THE WORLD: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong—there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.

  • China warning it’s troops to be ready to die – (Shauns notes: This has been building up for many years and it has been in your face obvious like bulldogs balls…  How have people not noticed it?)
  • Clip:  Rob leads us into this clip about the dialect…
  • Jones makes a threat towards Breitbart….  (Shauns notes:  The fat little fuck called jew Jones won’t talk about jews yet he calls Breitbart cowards?  I mean, fucking really?)

And much more…


Black Listed News w/ Doug Owen (RBN) 2018-01-07

On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Global awards are on and they are full of creepers
  • Trump looking back at what has been accomplished
  • Should people be in trouble for lack of medical insurance
  • Trumps “Make America Great Again” is just nostalgia -Rosanne is back (Shauns Notes:  God fuckin help us.  That fat ugly kike was the unfunniest piece of filth I had ever seen.  Her fat rolls use to make me gag and so did her so called humour…)
  • Where are these mass amounts of opium going – Big Pharma perhaps – Federal Government working hard to do more damage to marijuana  (Shauns notes:  Anybody who thinks that Marijuana shouldn’t be legal when you compare it to what alcohol does to the human body or opiates for that matter, is a fucking idiot.  With that said, Marijuana should be eaten, not smoked.  Smoking hurts the lungs but eating it is fine…)
  • People should be able to put what they want into their bodies in the grand scheme of things (Shauns notes:  Sure, just as people should be able to hang out with what race they wish, without ridicule, but that’s not allowed either.  So don’t complain when people ridicule you for smoking Marijuana…  There will ALWAYS be a professional offendee around the corner for anything that does not match up with the mainstream medias narrative….)

And more…


Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt (RBN) 2017-12-31

On this edition of Incendiary Radio, Rob talks about:

  • Trump and where Rob stands with all this – Predictions made in the past coming to fruition
  • Rob gets hacked again and again and where it’s all coming from is very interesting
  • Clip:  The White Christmas Genocide – Disgusting Communist Professor tweets “All I want for Christmas is white genocide”
  • People have been dumbed down to the point that it’s hard to be around these strange creatures
  • Clip:  People will hopefully take a path where individual responsibility becomes predominant
  • People had better be ready for a lights out scenario due to what is taking place around the world
  • Clip:  2018 and the economy – Could be interesting with Trump
  • Clip:  The blockchain – Mark of the beast – Bitcoin
  • Clip:  Trump speaks about creating jobs and making things better – Jobs for 2 million people since election – Massive tax cuts
  • The feds are absorbing so much of the land – Not everything is gloom and doom – It’s not time to poo poo everything – Some shows only want to see the bad stuff
  • Clip:  A girl hooked into the alt-right speaks about how there may not be any hope for Western Civilisation
  • The war on whites – Illegal Aliens borning children into the States and then sent back to their country of origin
  • Kids that become hardcore gamers may not be able to bear arms in the future because gaming is violent
  • Blow torching snow producers no water – People need to ask themselves why – Fake snow is imminent
  • Time has felt as if there is a manipulation of it
  • Clip:  Time, Cern & Saturn
  • Sex robots could be hacked to murder people – (Shauns notes:  As long as robots become able to do what humans do, they will be able to be hacked and can henceforth attack)
  • Transgender website targeting children – (Shauns notes:  Write to these creatures and let them know what you think about this)
  • Clip:  AI gods (Shauns notes:  Blue Beam was all about making people think that God was coming to earth, by projecting images via hologram tech – AI robots could replace the theory of Blue Beam)
  • Caller Bill asks Robert what side he would have been on when it comes to the North and the South
  • Hilary and Pedesta may or may not have been rounded up for their crimes
  • Doom porn for the flu-shot everywhere during the American Winter  (Shauns notes:  How the fuck can they predict how bad a “flu-season” is going to be!?  The whole thing is bullshit.  It’s natural selection.  If you have a strong immune system, you will survive, if you don’t, then there is a big chance you will die.  My Nan spent 2 weeks in hospital after the shot.  These fuckers will die some day for what they are doing to us.  Period.  Watch your back Rockefeller, because when the people wake up, they will be something you have never witnessed before.  The worst horror film will not equal the torture you will endure…)

And much more…



Think About This Over the Christmas Holidays

My white western sisters and brothers, DO NOT fucking do this to your family.  If you have a mother in this position, a sister, a brother, you make sure you think about this story that James Lancia (the author of Downtown White Police) tells here.  We need family, we need friends.  We just don’t know what may come around the corner.

We will discuss this on the New Years Music Show, on New Years Eve, Australian time.  Meaning, tomorrow.

TCTA Christmas Show w/ Shaun Surplus & Shield Maiden 2017

Shield Maiden and Shaun bring to you a music Christmas show that I think anybody of White Western Civilisation can appreciate.

Join us with your favourite beverage and enjoy some METAL Christmas music and then later some ESTROGEN Christmas music, as we rock the airwaves over 107.9 FM and WTFR!