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2020-01-16 Edition of NWPCU w/ Shaun & Josh

Shaun and Josh fill in for Mike on News White People Can Use:

  • Furniture breaking fatties with kankles
  • Saying what we really feel rather than lying
  • Gay ebonics and gayness in general (flamers)
  • Gays that you didn’t know were gay – But does it make it right?
  • Bullies and how bullyism is needed but only to a degree’
  • Audio:  Rich Animals
  • Audio: Daphne goes over 7 Questions for Vegans – This isn’t a debate, it’s you’re life!

And much more!


Daphne Link

Josh AKA Lone Wolf Speaks About The Dimming Of the Sun

After hearing Mike and Shaun speak about chemtrails and such, Josh sent Shaun a link to one of the videos he had done for Bitchute.  You can hear the audio to that video, right here on WTFR.

AND!  You will soon be able to welcome Josh onto the network (as long as his shitty timezone doesn’t fuck us over LOL) as he will be joining us with his very own weekly show on the network.

Dimming of the Sun:

An article talking about how they intend to spray particulates in the air in order to “combat climate change”. Yet they have already been doing this for years via Chemtrails! This is their way to get the public on board. Who knows what they have cooked up already….



2020-01-11 Edition of Saturday Night Sledge

**DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER**  Shaun has posted this show late.  It was meant to go up on Saturday of course but Mike and Tabs were slack arses and didn’t get a description off to him until yesteryear.  Ho hummm.  Slack bastards!  **DISCLAIMER OVER AND OUT**

On this edition of SNS, Mike and Tabitha discussed that Hooter’s is now offering boneless (((plant based))) wings, and how Hooter’s use their male centric image to promote emasculating ideologies – Hooter’s is using black women in their ads to push race mixing and this also takes jobs away from White women, and how diet has become a bagelian dialectic (vegan vs. carnivore)



2020-01-14 Edition of White Wellness w/ Tabitha

On this edition of White Wellness, Tabitha speaks about:

  • 09 White countries pushing for veganism
  • True Blue Aussies chant “drag queens are not for kids” after a disgusting drag queen goes to a library to promote pervert faggotry to young children
  • Tabs joins the dots between (((climate change))) and (((tranny meat)))
  • Mastic oil comes from a tree that has a resin that is not edible
  • Shaun joins Tabs for a small time to speak about Misanthropes Vs psychotics
  • Tranny pork is coming to a town near YOU!
  • Diet has become very inverted – Especially since WWII
  • Audio:  Vegan Diet Dangers
  • Audio:  Vegan ANTI-HUMAN Compilation
  • Audio:  Bad Vegan Advice Compilation
  • Audio:  University students in hot water for publicly shaming drag queen

And much more!


2020-01-10 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this 3 hour edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks with Monika Schaefer about:

  • The attack on children.
  • Resistance to their agenda.
  • The Great Awakening
  • The Australian fires – mirror of the Canadian fires of the last few years.  – Are the fires being lit and / or helped along by chemtrails because in Canada they were!
  • Josh & Shaun have a back and forth about subjects happening today, CB radio style
  • Jacko calls in and tears Shaun a new one – (Shauns Notes:  Yeah but, but…  But…..  😐 )

And much more as usual!