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You can select the stream of your choice here Ladies and Gents.  Please remember, that if one link does not work for you, another may.  If you try them all and they don’t work, then I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.  Many people have different configurations and I can’t possibly know them all without standing beside their computers to take a look.  On the most part however, people are just simply able to click and listen.



Temporary 24/7 Line Up Now Running

Well, I’ve been working off tap to get things happening on the new network as promised Ladies and Gents and I haven’t had too much time away from the keyboard because of it.  Good time pays off and I now have a temporary 24/7 lineup running until I get some new recordings, once the network has officially gone live.

Creating a network is not an easy business and the first months are always the hardest, but already we have some listeners coming in to the new stream to have a listen which is great indeed.

Before I drop the stream links here for you, I want to say, that if you think you have what it takes to be a host, or you know somebody that indicated as such, then you can email me with a sample of what you have to offer at and I will take a listen and we can go from there.

In the meantime, here are the links to the temporary 24/7 stream for you to have a listen to until we go live.  Bear in mind, that some of these shows are past shows and some opinions may have changed.  Some shows also contain bad language.  Especially mine.  Ha!

You can also find these links on the right hand side of the main page of ….

Here is the schedule so far:



EDIT:  WTFR will also cover shows from other networks and Robert Reyvolts Incendiary Radio is one of them…  Don’t miss it at 10PM Central, Sunday evenings.

Happy listening…



Taster By Demand

I’ve been getting a few emails about what is to come on the new network Ladies and Gents.  This network is all about freedom of thought and freedom of speech so, I at very least speak for myself when I say, there will be no holding back.  As usual, typical ‘straight out’, ‘saying it as I see it’ type speech.

The two fat pieces of shit in the group known as A.B. Original (Aboriginal) not only feature your typical ‘rap non-original crap zero talent’, but look to be half casts to me.  The full bloods are much darker.  I dare say these two that are “pimping their shit”, claimed with the government, what small amount of Abbo blood they have, so that they could get a little extra money to start this terrible twosome.  The music is fuckin horrible, so do yourself a favour and don’t bother typing in their name in Youtube, as I made the mistake of doing.

If you jump over to the wikipedia, to take a look at the “List of Indigenous Australian Musicians”, you will see that at the top of the “Solo Artists” area, you have Trevor Adams.  Somebody that actually has a little talent.  But then scroll down to where the Indigenous group names are and who’s at the top?  You guessed it!  ABC’s love child, A.B. UnOriginal.  Here’s a snippet below.


This again goes to show, the ultimate bias the wiki has always had and will always have, to the ABC, Fairfux Media and anti-white establishments in general.  Is it any wonder that wiki-poodia are running low on funds?!  Not at all, given that more and more people are waking up to their lies by omission, just like that which comes out of our mainstream media, such as ABC.

Enjoy your taster, coming out of TCTA, here on WTFR.



One Wild Ride

This has been one wild trip.  Just go, go, go barley able to come up for a breath.

What started as a trip to come and see an ill friend, turned into an adventure of a life time, to say the least.  Buffalo, NY, down to Newark, then to South Carolina, up to Pennsylvania, across to LA.  And stops along the way, that I will speak of in the video footage.

By far, the train trip and the car trip were so much better than flying for me, because I got to see a lot of the land of America.  My travel companion, (the gentleman that drove the car) a man that didn’t have to go out of his way, really went far and beyond for me.  It’s something I will never forget.  A big cheers to you Peter.  Glasses high for Peter Ladies and Gentlemen.

How many Aussies get to go on a holiday and hit a deer along side Pauly Topete?  Just doesn’t happen!  I had such a good time hanging out with Pauly and his family.  We got some work done around the house and we went out for some good times as well.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the video of the self sustainable cabins.  I will be releasing those soon.

What isn’t there to say when it comes to JimmyX and family?  They literally treat me like one of their own, just as Pauly and Tara did.  I was not a single bit uncomfortable.  It was like Jimmy and I picked up where we left off back in 2010.  We hung out at some of the bowling alley’s, we did some work at a radio station that Jimmy works for, we hit Niagara Falls, we kicked back in Jimmy’s loungeroom and discussed where we thought Trump might be going with some of his ideas and as usual, Jimmy’s wife and I sat up until late, discussing a great many things.  Her and I had a great time debating on certain subjects as well.  It was a good time indeed.  I also had the opportunity to hang out with Jimmy’s Daughters and their families.  Always great to see them.

I know, I know, people are just dying to hear about Shield Maiden.  She’s gorgeous, she has everything in a Lady that a white nationalist could want and she kissed me.  What more can I ask for?  Hmmmmm, let me think.  “Oh!  Shaun move on!”

Shield Maiden and I hung out at some bars for a while, my travel companion as well.  We hit the pool tables for a bit and I won every game.  Don’t let them fool you with those lies about me losing.  I tell ya.  Fibbing little cretins.  The next day SM and I spent some time in the Brookgreen Gardens.  If you are able but haven’t yet, get on over to the gardens and take a look at some of the great sculptures they have there.  It’s also just nice to be able to walk with each other as SM and I did.  Walking, talking, taking in the fresh air.  Getting a hole in SM’s slipper.  She kicked a stick and put a hole in her new slipper.  She was none too impressed to say the least.

Well, there is so much more to sum up, but I don’t have time to do it, because although I will be on the plane by the time you read this scheduled article, I now have to get my arse up out of this chair and start the day.  I will sum all the rest of it up when I get home, on the video.

Take care of yourselves good readers and I will let you know when I have touched down in Australia.



Getting Some Work Done

Well, it’s not long now until I head back home to Australia Ladies and Gentlemen, but before heading home, Pauly and I have been hard at work around the house, splitting wood, gathering some horse shit for the garden beds and chasing some cannibalistic chickens back into the pens at night, so that the bears don’t eat them.

It’s a good life up here in the high areas of Pennsylvania, but it comes with some hard work.  Some team effort as well.  Whether it be warming the family or sewing seeds in the garden beds, it all takes some time and muscle.

Last night as we were coming home, we smashed the front of the car after hitting a deer.  He was a good size too and it all happened almost in Matrix style slow mode.  We saw the deer, the deer saw our head lights and thought, ‘oh, I think I will cross the road now.’  The car hit the deer with a blabbery thud, and it rolled off the bonnet (the hood for Americans and motor cap for the Netherlands) and then into some leaves.  Stupid fat deer.  It was his fat that saved him however.  One of Pauly’s friends wanted to go back and grab it, but by the time we got back it was gone.  So either somebody out there is feasting on our road kill or that thing ran off.  No blood, no mess, so I’d say he’s out there somewhere, thinking about how careful he will be near the road from now on.

The wildlife out here is in an abundance.  For example, back in Australia we have Hawks, but not in the numbers that you do here in the States.  Sometimes I am seeing 5 maybe 6 Hawks all circling around the cornfields waiting for their prey to show their heads.  Mice, rabbits, etc….

The trees here still astound me.  They are very different to what we have back home.  Our common trees are Gums an Pines.  Around here there is a lot of Oak among others I cannot identify.  I have asked but I need to write them down for the final video that I will be putting together on all of this.

Today we are going to get a bit more work done, before I setup Pauly’s new radio studio.  He has the equipment and I have the know how.  He will have his own radio station up and running in no time and I have always said, the more the merrier.

Speaking of radio, Pauly has shown me some, never before heard Pokerface music, that will be coming out on the new album and it’s great.  I’ve really enjoyed cruising down the road listening to some of the coming new hits, out of Pokerface.  I will be playing some of their older hits on the music night throughout New Years Eve, so don’t miss it!

Alright, I will sign off for now my fellow Rebels.  You stay out of trouble, (yeah right, muwhahahaha) and I will get back to you soon enough.



Self Sufficient Housing

Over the last couple of days Ladies and Gents, I have spent some small amounts of time with people that have their own self sufficient housing.  The first, a man that has built his own small cabin in the woods and the second, a man that has been building a home for 11 years, that predominantly runs off solar and wind powered energy.

The first bloke has done what so many people told me can’t be done, for so many years now.  I have spoken about how I would love to one day have my own cabin out in the middle of nowhere, with some chickens, a huge garden and a fishing rod.  OK, and maybe a .577 Snider in case I get the urge to hunt a dinosaur, but we’ll see how things go.  Anyway, he built his own cabin out there in the sticks and he’s living the life, detached from most of those material things we are so uselessly attached to.

The second bloke is still attached to the grid, in that his home is modern, but the secret is, that the luxury of the home, is run by his own self sufficient systems, such as solar and wind power.  The way that he heats his water, heats the house and listens to music in a room that is just one gigantic speaker system, whilst maintaining efficiency and function is amazing.  Even the way he has designed the house to heat and cool itself, outside of electricity, by understanding heat pressure vs cold pressure, is nothing short of genius.  For instance, building a staircase in a fashion where the hot air will force the cold air into different parts of the house in Summer and vice-versa during Winter.  And this is just one of many things that blew my mind.

I have audio of the second Gentleman, but not the first.  However, do not fret, because I have plenty of pictures of the cabin in the woods for all to see.

Thank You to both gentlemen for their precious time, to show me around their homes.  It is very much appreciated.

Talk again soon good readers.