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The 24/7 Lineup Will Come Down Temporarily And Reyvolt’s Show

Hey there good readers…

Just a heads up on todays activities.

Later this afternoon, should you be a regular listener of the repeat 24/7 lineup, which features Dr. William Pierce, Eustace Mullins, Peter Schaenk among others, including many of the shows that were done here on WTFR, you will experience some silence for a small time, whilst it is all moved over to a different computer.  I will try and get it all done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that your programing is not long disturbed.

Questions have been asked about Robert Reyvolt’s show, in that will I still be taking notes for him and recording his broadcasts?  The answer is yes, even though I did not get around to doing so this week.  I needed to take a break from all of it and this weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

Emails have literally been off the planet crazy.  887 people listened to the final show in the first day and that is just accumulating.  Over 600 emails!  Almost all of them good ones.  (It’s taken me 2 days to get through them.)  That’s just fucking crazy!  Where were you all in the comments section?  Nowhere to be fucking seen.  Thanks for your support, but you were a little too late in the fucking game, don’t you think?  “Shaun, just take a break and come back….”  “Shaun, why did you leave?  I loved your show…”  “Shaun, I will join the comments area if you come back…”  Like seriously, What The Fucking FUCK?  NOW you want to come out and play, right when I DON’T need your support?  Pffft.  What a joke!

To those of you that made an effort at the time WTFR was at it’s prime, Thank You.

Take care and look out for the Candour Hour coming in the next 11 hours there abouts…


Will The Real Serial Killers Please Stand Up

That’s right Ladies and Gents, we all hear about the evil white serial killers, such as Jefferey Dahmer and Marilyn Manson, (even though he only killed a couple from what we can tell) among so many others but we NEVER hear about the black serial killers.  Why is that?  Don’t you think that’s a little bit quaint?

and as somebody said in a comments area of a forum, by the name of Chris:

Pretty incomplete list. Should at least mention the arguably most profiler killer of them all, Lonnie Franklin, aka The Grim Sleeper. Plus, how about the violently radical “Zebra Killers”, black activists who killed only white folks? How about Benjamin Atkins, who killed 11 women inside 9 months?

This all goes untouched and it’s about time it is revealed.

Spread it far and wide.


The Final Live Show On WTFR

The final show went well Ladies and Gents, but keep in mind, I (Shaun) was very much straight to the point and letting people have it with both barrels.

The bullcrap that comes with alternative radio has lost us the battle at this point and we have to find other ways to deal with it all.

It doesn’t matter if it’s RBN, Renegade, Radio Wherwolf, Revere Radio or WTFR, we may be waking some people up, but it’s a drop in the ocean and then when you add the infighting and the stupidity that comes with them, the uphill battle becomes a huge joke and nobody takes us seriously.

Back in the day, when Schaenk Talk World Wide and Oracle Broadcasting was around, alternative radio was taken more seriously and this was when we harvested most of the alternative thinkers, but not anymore.  Instead we get a trickle of people that buy into sky-fairies and Pagan fucking gods.  Is it any wonder it’s going nowhere?  And all the while the kikes are laughing all the way to the jew scheckle bank.

I’m done with it so I let rip about how I feel.  There were a few things I left out, such as my disappointment in John Beattie.  I respect him well enough, but there was no reason that he needed to leave the network and there certainly was no reason for him to remove me as friend, immediately after he asked me if we can still be friends.  This is unacceptable.  I took Beattie in after Renegade threw him under the bus, so he could have had a little more respect, called me up and discussed this.  Very disappointed indeed and this is just one of those things that makes this so called “movement” a “bowel movement”.

I’m finished with it.  I am now going to live some life.  Look for other ways to spread the word efficiently outside of this egocentric, narcissistic, fantasy like bullshit.

I will still do the occasional TCTA broadcast and I will also be doing a pre-recorded Candour Hour each week, so you will still get to hear me, but the live shows are done and gone.

My advice to you Ladies and Gents, is stay as FAR away from these networks as possible, because they have become stagnant like dried blood.

Thanks to all of you that stuck by me for all of these years, it’s been an adventure.

Again, listen with caution, because I really let rip.  Especially on you religious retards.


Leo Moracchioli’s music

Final Broadcast On WTFR at 10 PM EST Ladies and Gents

Hi Ladies and Gents.

Tonight, I am closing the network out with a final show.  A music show.  Shield Maiden will be joining me.  I will make some final statements and we will have a little fun, rather than dwell on all this.  I think we have done well, considering the small time the network has been here.

Join us at 10 PM EST American time.



Hey Ladies and Gents.

WTFR is shutting down.  I do regret to tell you this, but I have better things to do with my time than deal with White Divide and Conquer.

The website will remain up and running for a pre-recorded Candour Hour each week and I will do the occasional TCTA here and there, but I’m done.  I will also allow the shows we have recorded to keep running in the lineup for a while, before I shut the servers down.

I was 17 when I started in all this (42 now) and now I am dealing with sky-fairy cock sucking fucking idiots, that think for a moment I am that dumb.  I ain’t wasting my time on this anymore.  I’m finished.

I recorded this audio below briefly before I decided to end the network, so take it for what it is.

This will in fact be refreshing for me.  I’m sick and fucking tired of sitting in front of this cuck fucked screen.

You take care.  I have done my best.  It’s time I get back out to live life.


This bloke might give god a pass, but I don’t. Broke my fucking heart.

First Strike Against WTFR After Latest Candour Hour

Hi Ladies and Gents.

Recently I did a Special Bulletin edition of the Candour Hour after Colin Todd had sent me the Special Bulletin edition of the magazine, that exists outside of the regular Candour line-up.  Well it seems that JewTube (YouTube) did not agree at all.  Somebody flagged the broadcast (allegedly) and we now have our first strike against us.

YouTube uses strikes, where if you get a certain number of them, your account can be suspended or even terminated.  Well, we ain’t about to stop now, so the jews and their pet communists at Google might want to terminate our accounts right now.

We can’t tell if they put the strike against us, because I dared to question the holohoax during the show, or if it’s simply because we dare to defend the only race that can finish communism once and for all.  That being the White Race.  Shield Maiden, our WTFR YouTube account manager, believes it could be since the Karin Smith, White South Africa broadcast, bought the account so much attention.  This could be the case also.

Nonetheless, YouTube have no power over us.  This is their greatest fear.  I will be broadcasting the email sent to Shield Maiden on this weeks show.  I will start the show with how YouTube do not allow free speech, immediately after the intro.  After the show is done and uploaded to YouTube, I will flag it myself.  When a show is flagged, one of the communist YouTube lackeys have to listen to it.  They will hear, what WTFR has to say about JewTube and it’s communist cronies.

Really proud that YouTube obviously know the power of Candour and the good White Men and Women that surround it.

Cheers all, don’t miss the show at 10 PM EST, American Time.  1 PM Daylight Savings Time in Australia.

A middle finger in the air and a big FUCK YOU JewTube.  The world is waking up to your molestation of the First Amendment in the United States and the oh so corrupt 18c here in Australia.  Your goose is cooked, stick a fork in it!


The Green Pilled Perspective w/ Gadsden 2017-10-10

On this episode of TGPP, Gads talks about:

  • Gadsden gets a week ban on twitter shortly after he calls out Harold Covington
  • Harold Covington posted on twitter we should accept Richard Spencer as our leader because the media chose him as one
  • Gay Jewish State Senator of California pushed bills into laws that jail people for using wrong pronouns for trannies while knowingly spreading HIV also gets legalized
  • Muslims demand pork free menus or they’ll leave America  (Shaun’s notes:  GOOD!  Fuck off ya woman beating sack of crap.  Nobody wants you there anyway.  You look like a bunch bearded turds on feet and can’t help but stir up trouble…  Get out of our white countries and let us live peacefully.)
  • Milo’s filmed singing “America the Beautiful” while Alt-Righters salute him  (Shaun’s notes:  Shows what degenerates the alt-right is…  They are as bad as Antifa…)
  • Yesterday was Leif Erickson day, the first European after the birth of Christ to discover mainland America. Christopher Columbus was possibly was Marrano Jew

And much more…


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

——– ——
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